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Price List

Price List Of Foot Pedals For Delhi and NCR

Model Type Of Connection  Body  Rate Per Piece
DL - M9

9 Pin / Serial / Com Port               Metal                       Rs. 1,450/-

DL - P9 9 Pin / Serial / Com Port               Plastic                     Rs. 1,650/-
DL - M15 15 Pin / Joystick / Game Port      Metal                       Rs. 1,550/-
DL - P15 15 Pin / Joystick / Game Port      Plastic                     Rs. 1,725/--
DL - MU USB Port   OFFLINE                        Metal                       Rs.   1,850/-
DL - PU USB Port   OFFLINE                       Plastic                      Rs. 2,100/-
DL - VEC USB Port  ( VEC ) ONLINE            Plastic                    Rs.   2,650/-
                                                                   Metal                    Rs. 2275/-

Price List of Foot Pedals For OUTSIDE Delhi and NCR

Model Type Of Connection  Body  Rate Per Piece
AI - M9 9 Pin / Serial / Com Port                 Metal              Rs. 1,650/-
AI - P9 9 Pin / Serial / Com Port                 Plastic            Rs. 1,800/-
AI - M15 15 Pin / Joystick / Game Port        Metal              Rs. 1,750/-
AI - P15 15 Pin / Joystick / Game Port        Plastic            Rs. 1,875/-
AI - MU USB Port   OFFLINE                          Metal             Rs.   2,050/-
AI - PU USB Port   OFFLINE                          Plastic           Rs. 2250 /--
AI - VEC USB Port   ( VEC ) ONLINE             Plastic              Rs.   2800 /--
                                                                                 Metal               Rs. 2475/-

Price List

Hardware and Rate List
Amplifiers Delhi Rs. 425.00
Amplifiers Outside Delhi Rs. 525.00
Amplifiers with Mic Delhi Rs. 625.00
Amplifiers with Mic Outside Delhi Rs. 725.00
Headsets Delhi Rs. 150.00
HeadPhones Outside Delhi Rs. 200.00
15 Pin to 9 Pin Converter Rs. 150.00
9 Pin to 15 Pin Converter Rs. 150.00
Foot Pedal Switch Rs.  50.00
Medical Transcription Kit For Delhi Rs. 3525.00
Medical Transcription Kit For OutSide Delhi Rs. 3575.00
Service Charges for individuals Rs. 350.00
Service Charges for Company Rs. 300.00 min 3 Pedals

Medical Transcription Kit is ideal for New Transcription Students , MT's and QA's working from Home.

Kit Includes VEC Foot Pedal , Amplifier , Headset and 1 CD having foot pedal controlling software ( Express Scribe).


If you required bill you have to pay GST

Medical Transcription Practice DVD Rs. 2000.00

We are selling Medical Transcription sample dictations with text for training purposes in a DVD. 

It consists hundreds of system-wise dictations with corrected texts to practice medical transcription individually.  You can simply open these dictations in Express Scribe and transcribe yourself with the help of foot pedal. 

Ours is the only product which can be controlled with Express Scribe with good audio quality. 

It is a must for every person who are under training and thinking of getting trained in this field.


More Information

Order Foot Pedals From Delhi and NCR

Delivery Same Day with 1 Year Warranty also Give After Sale Service.


Order Foot Pedals From Out side Delhi and NCR

Delivery Method Courier Dispatched after Depositing Money

Warranty 1 Year with 2 Foot Switches as Spare Parts.



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Account In the Name of : Raj Orien Industries

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